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Aug 26, 2022, 2:41:42 AM8/26/22
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Characterized by its simplicity and clarity INVERSIONS (30'46") feels true to life. Here Erik Wollo has managed to record seven gentle, soul-strengthening pieces of a quality more profound and resonant than most artists working in a similar vein. Spontaneously conceived and executed by conducting the output of his electric guitar into digital devices and effects this kind of improvising requires just as much listening as it does playing. The impulsive quality also notes a disarming honesty - an unfiltered truth. It is with great care and taste that Wollo casts his tender spell of beauty. In just the right mixture of the earthly and the celestial he provides promising moments of affecting sentiment - that taken together convey a singular message. In a tone florid and rounded INVERSIONS confers an aura of perpetually becoming. This collection of spacey slow burners gains slight bursts of color as ideas flow melodiously, rising out of experimental inclinations. A misty melancholy permeates as Wollo charts a descent into darkness, and back. Coarse then sweet, timbre, melody and harmony divide our attention. Here and there the fog lifts a little bit, and we find reeling stars and midnight things. In an orchestra of looping lines a mournful lead line flickers like a lonely candle in the wind of time. Then the embattled twilight succumbs to a re-invasion of shadows. Listening our way through to the back end of evening we will notice that this musical spellwork is driven less by technology than it is by yearning and resignation - the most remote of all circuitry. Throughout these minimal passages and entrancing transformations the slightest gesture becomes much more significant. By avoiding the long and formless Wollo builds an enjoyable ambient charisma of minute detail. The sound surface changes from feathery to hard edged, evoking a landscape terrain as surely as it does the amorphous aether above it. For the duration of this release the tone is intimate, but then so is the scale - a rare and cherishable quality in Spacemusic. INVERSIONS presents a beguiling sonic sense - so much so that we owe it proof that we will one day become as free and as open as it asks us to be.

Please tune in to the 08.28.22 broadcast of STAR'S END Ambient Radio for music from INVERSIONS, the recent release by Erik Wollo

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STAR'S END SPACE CAMP: Neil Cippon - 28 August 2022

Neil Cippon explores the ambient atmospheres possible with his six string electric bass. Using various pedals, filters and loopers combined with synthesizer textures and Berlin-School sequencing, his soundscapes feel transportive and original.

Please tune in to the 08.28.22 broadcast of STAR'S END for a live-to-air radio concert by Neil Cippon, the fourth of four artists in August's Space Camp 2022

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