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This is an UNOFFICIAL list where those who would like to exchange email are very welcome to help build up the community.

Welcome to Introduction to Artificial Intelligence! We're in the process of getting everything setup for the site and we appreciate your patience as we do so.

This list creation hopes to provide unlimited discussion regarding topics and projects from this AI class. Hopefully, a considerable number of students will join this list, and as such, the management of this list will be turned over to those primarily responsible for the course. A mailing list is a very proven idea in knowledge sharing and archiving. Please join in, introduce yourself, and stay tuned!

This list is also synchronized with Twitter. When the Twitter user StanfordAIClass is mentioned, i.e. "@StanfordAIClass I like the idea...", those messages will be forwarded to this mailing group. In order for you to maintain subject threading, your response needs to be in the same format. The response can be as long as you feel, but it will still be truncated to 140 characters on the Twitter end.