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dan Forster

May 25, 2016, 11:21:57 AM5/25/16
to Stalker Middleware
Got my first batch of MAG256 STB's, nice units, very fast. Couple of bugs I sorted and still have:-

1. Radio Stations - MAG256 doesnt like the ifm prefix on the web url in SMW. Remove this and radio works fine.
2. Cant record to local USB drive, comes up with an error. Yet to fix. (same settings and USB drive works fine on 250's and 254's).
3. Cant select 'time shift' button to allow local time shift in settings.
4. Very nice HD video from video club, bar far the best yet.
5. Very nice TV quality, much less encode noise on image.
6. Weird new font in settings - much prefer the older font.
7. If you start a movie from video club, then stop quickly, the MAG256 crashes, needs hard reset.

Anyone else who has had and fixed these issues, would love to hear from you.


sherif hafez

May 29, 2016, 12:00:19 PM5/29/16
to Stalker Middleware
congrats bro, 
i received my shipment today, but my first discovered problem is that i couldn't connect the device to Xtream Panel 

"Your STB is not supported"

dan Forster

Jun 2, 2016, 2:41:38 PM6/2/16
to Stalker Middleware
Hi Sherif,

Make sure you run the 5.0.0r2 portal, this is needed for the MAG256 boxes. If you check your config.ini (in /var/www/stalker_portal/server/) you will see that the MAG256 is included in some of the code lines. Dont change this file thought... (only alter custom.ini).

Further trials of the MAG256 box are going well, its very very fast (from cold boot to interface is very quick), so fast that when you back to a MAG254/MAG250 - they both seem very slow. I run mine at 1080P 60hz and it makes video/TV/etc. look the best yet.


Dmitry Sherman

Aug 13, 2016, 5:06:35 AM8/13/16
to Stalker Middleware
mag256 works very laggy at first 10 seconds when changing channels. Why can it happen?

Vikas Bhatnagar

Aug 20, 2016, 12:47:50 AM8/20/16
to Stalker Middleware
Hello All,

I just got the MAG256 and am considering going back to MAG254 because of the following problems I am facing. Can anyone help?

1. Every now and then it freezes up - black screen! I have to disconnect from power and restart. 
2. The channel changing has some lag built into it. Takes a bit. I did not notice the lag when I saw a MAG254 at a friend's house.
3. Am using the IPTV Express and Voodoo services in dual portals - could that be the issue?
4. Any word on recording to USB?
5. No Closed Captions on any channels?

Thanks for your help/comments in advance..


Douglas S

Aug 5, 2017, 7:28:47 PM8/5/17
to Stalker Middleware
I think it's over heating I put a fan on it and it's good. No fan lots of trouble 
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