Internet Connection Sharing and Connecting to Local Device

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Oct 4, 2023, 2:21:38 PM10/4/23
to sshuttle
I would like to share internet connection that is tunneled through SSH and be able to connect to a local IP.

High Level Goal

I have a device A that is running Ubuntu and connected to the Wifi. I have an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) device that is likely just running a FW with no OS and is connected via Ethernet to A.

Router >>> A >>> B

I would like to provide internet to B that is tunneled through an SSH connection like:

Destination >>> Remote VPS >>> Router >>>> A >>>> B

I am running sshuttle on A to achieve this. My command run is:

sshuttle -r username@vpsIp -vv —dns --ssh-cmd 'ssh -i path.pem' -l


When replacing device B with a windows device, I get internet connection and I am able to verify that the traffic is tunneled through the SSH connection. However, when I use B, the device doesn't seem to be working properly. In order for me to investigate why B is not working, I need to log onto the IP of B  (which is a local IP) or try and SSH into B. When I have sshuttle on, I try connecting to B's IP from A's browser or from a 3rd device connected to the same router, but the page doesn't load.

First off, apologies if some of my questions indicate a lack of understanding of networks. I am not sure what umbrella terms to lookup to be able to achieve my high level goal.

1. How do I connect to device B to investigate why it's not working while it's receiving SSH-tunneled internet from A?
2. Is there any obvious reason why B doesn't work but using a Windows Computer instead of B, I get internet connection?

Thanks a ton!

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