Meetup: Humans Can Be Manually Strategic

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Skyler Crossman

May 25, 2023, 3:32:52 PM5/25/23
to Boston Slate Star Codex / Astral Codex Ten Meetup
When: June 4th, 1:00pm
Where: Mosaic house, 8 Cleveland St, Cambridge MA
What: Humans Can Be Manually Strategic
Run By: Skyler Crossman

Humans are not automatically strategic.

We do not always take time to think through what we want to achieve and how we plan to achieve that. It isn’t a factory default setting in people to consider how our plans might go wrong, or whether this is really what we want. That can work out for us, especially when what we want to do is a normal, expected thing that most people set out to do and succeed at.

Many of us aren’t living normal, expected life paths. Some people make once-a-year new years resolutions, trying to focus on what they want to change in their life. If you're like most people you've already forgotten those. Well, the year is halfway done, so now's a good time for course corrections. We’re going to take some time to sit and reason about our goals and do deliberately what we might not do automatically.

The plan:

- 12:45, doors open, snacks are brought forth

- 1, introductions and open conversation

- 1:15, start strategizing, loosely following this sequence.

- 2:30, wrap up the activity, switch back to open conversation

- 3:30, clean up

- 4:00, the meetup ends, but I'll probably grab an early dinner in town and you're welcome to join me

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