Book Review Review, July 2nd

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Skyler Crossman

Jun 21, 2024, 7:45:03 PMJun 21
to Boston Slate Star Codex / Astral Codex Ten Meetup
What: Book Review Review
Where: Areonaut Brewing Company, 14 Tyler St, Somerville
When: July 2nd, 6:30pm
Run By: Skyler

The Astral Codex Ten book review finalists have been announced!

The finalist reviews will be released on the blog one at a time over the rest of the year, but we can read them now if we want. Pick one of the finalist reviews (or any of the reviews, even if it wasn't a finalist) then read it, show up, and tell the rest of us whether you liked the review or not. The first finalist has been posted on the blog already, and of course there's a prediction market about who is going to win!

This is unstructured. I'll be there in either a bright bandana or a goofy green and blue hat, so I should be easy to find.

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