God Doesn't Play Dice?

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Mar 24, 2010, 1:21:42 PM3/24/10
to Towards a New Synthesis of Evangelical Christianity and Science
Einstein seems to have been proven wrong that God doesn't play dice on
the Quantum level.Christianity teaches that the physical world is
where the devil has been imprisoned.

* Perhaps it's the devil who doesn't play dice not God.

* Perhaps the Devil can only imitate, which he does slavishly in the
physical world.

* Maybe when God throws dice, he does so, 1st to fool the devil, and
secondly to roll out the dice into play, to see which come out as
planted by the devil and which are truly from him.

* E=MC². Well the world or mass is supposed to be where the devil
resides and light where God and his angels live. 1/3 of the devil's
angels fell with him. So maybe Einstein realized that angels or the
energy from light is twice in proportion to the energy of the devil's
angels, however there two part of God's angels and their force is
multiplied not added.

* Maybe the etymology of "dice" is "die" and "see". Unrolled dice
have 6 possibilities, but when they die to themselves by being rolled,
you see what they really are configured. Perhaps dice are analogs to
particles and living beings too.

Perhaps we don't really know what makes up a particle until it "dies"
or decays. Also we perhaps don't know the summary of a man or an
individual being until it has died, then we can "See'. This is
particularly true if the organism has died for a good cause, i.e. the
best cause The Gospel. Perhaps even humans can't make that judgment
and really we have to wait until the day of judgment to "see" who is
of the devil and who is of God.

* Is the etymology of Stephen Hawking's name really "How" "King". His
ancestors were the kings of explaining how things work?

* Is the etymology of Stephen J. Gould last name "Ghouled"? Perhaps
his ancestors were able to see or were constantly visited by ghouls of
which Steven J. Gould's "hopeful monsters" is only the latest example.

* Maybe the virtual particles the pop in and out of existence in
Quantum Physics are the analogues in biology to mutations. They are
trial balloons thrown into existence, the vast majority of which are
useless and are annihilated.

* Maybe God does play dice, but he only keeps the outcomes that he
likes and ultimately throws away the rest, perhaps like a modern
artist who throws paint at a canvas. Although the artist's technique
is important, the results are unpredictable. Which results the artist
keeps, the editing, however is most definitely not random.

* Maybe God throws out his seed and allows the devil to throw out his
among them and does not interfere with the devil's seed until they
show their bad fruit. At this point, God has given them the rope with
which to hang themselves and God's law is incontrovertible, they are
removed from the garden at harvest time and not stored in barn like
wheat but burned in the yard as weeds.

So this law applies both to particles, and individual organisms and
even species and larger organizations such as genera, families,
classes, orders, kingdoms and with humans, nations and any level of
organization that is an independent entity.

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