Entering the Kingdom of God

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Mar 25, 2008, 9:04:06 PM3/25/08
to Towards a New Synthesis of Evangelical Christianity and Science
Jesus talks about entering the Kingdom of God as if it is a real realm
with boundaries. Jesus says he is the door, and the Kingdom is
entered through him through the heart.

Jesus also warns against the yeast of the Pharisees and the Herodians
which rises the dough of ones heart too, just like the Yeast of the
Kingdom of God, except difference being God's yeast yields a
flatbread. So maybe there are three Kingdoms on earth, all entered
through the heart, but they are very real physical entities with
borders that can be detected if one is honest with himself.

The Kingodm of the Pharisees is the one of the hypocritical
religious. I fall in this category. The Herodian Kingdom represents
the one of debauchery. Anyone who is in any of the kingdoms, can see
a person who is physically located in one of the other Kingdoms, but
there will always be a great divide.

Notice too that Jesus reported that the sheep could go in and out of
him the door and find pasture. Maybe only the truly spiritual can
travel between the oh so physical kingdoms of the heart.

Interestingly there is analogy in String Theory with the 11
dimensions. There would be two time dimensions, one each for the
Kingdoms of hypocrisy and licentiousness and that time is running out
and has a limit. Each of those kingdoms has three additional spatial
dimensions. Contrasting with that, is the Kingdom of God, which also
has three spatial dimensions. Its fourth dimension is eternity or
love and thus there is not time in this realm.

Aging can only occur if you are in the hypocrisy or licentious
kingdoms. When the righteous man sins his 7 times daily, he falls out
of the kingdom of God into those realms that have time. Here he ages,
until he repents and gets God's forgiveness to go back in or something
along these lines...
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