The West and Plato's/Socrates' Cycle of Societies

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Aug 7, 2008, 4:28:17 PM8/7/08
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As discussed before at the end of Plato/Socrates' Republic there is a
discussion of a cycle of a societies that start with Meritocracy, rule
of the best with the goodness being the highest value. This occurred
during the "Dark Ages" in the West. After this deteriorates, it's
replaced with Timocracy which is the rule of a few who have the most
honor. This is rule of hereditary aristocracy where the highest value
is honor. This corresponds to the Middle Ages. This deteriorates and
is followed by Oligarchy which is rule of the richest and where wealth
is the highest value. This deteriorates and is followed by Democracy
which is ruled by the most popular and the highest good is freedom.
This deteriorates and is followed by Tyranny which is rule by the
insane and romantic love is the highest value.

However this pattern only seems to occur in the West. In the East and
Africa, the cycle seems to be unending tyranny. I don't know enough
about Asian history to know this for sure. Certainly the government
exams in China made for a Meritocratic class. However whether these
deserving bureaucrats actually had the most power at some point I
don't know. Also I have never heard of a democratic era in China
except for 1912-1945.

An non-PC explanation for what's going on is that this cycle only
occurs among the descendant of Jacob/Israel or further up the tree,
descendants of Abraham. British-Israelist explain the Greek forays
into all the kinds of government occurred because the main founders of
Greece, the Danaus were actually the children of Dan and Dan is one of
the 12 children of Jacob/Israel.

So then the cycle described in the Republic would only occur among the
children of Jacob/Israel or the children of Abraham. However
certainly this cycle could exist in say Russia, but I just don't know
about it. The last 500 years in Russia for instance, may have been
the Tyrannic period and the Meritocratic one is coming up or just
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