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Patricia McGrath

May 16, 2013, 3:29:10 PM5/16/13
to Lynette Forrey, squirre...@googlegroups.com, Letourneau, Jennifer (jwright@cambridgema.gov)

Following Lynette’s email, there are a couple other housekeeping items to consider-


1)      Water. I did note that some of the hoses and nozzles were in poor condition and we should consider replacing.  If the hose leaks even if the nozzle is not turned on, but the water is, could have flooding. I will pick some up the next week or so. There are 4 stations.

2)      Small fee. Jen let me know that some other gardens charge a small fee per plot- $5-10 which could pay for barrels, hoses, trash bags, incidentals. Any left over could be used for a pot luck. Let me know what you think, or send to Patricia McGrath, 39 Inman Street, Cambridge, MA 02139. I vote for $10.

3)      Yard waste. Thanks to all who did the clean up.  It looks very tidy, indeed. Unfortunately, the barrels were full to the brim and so heavy with dirt they were not movable. I offloaded half of each into leaf bags and two of us will  move to curbside this evening for pick up tomorrow AM.  To avoid this problem in the future, I bought some leaf bags and will leave them in a black trash bag in the compost area. Don’t overfill-the Works limit is 50 lbs per container. As the remaining plots get cleared, the yard waste should become more manageable. In particular, do not load a lot of dirt or rocks in each barrel.

4)      Yard waste schedule.  We will  need some volunteers to move barrels to the curb weekly or periodically and move the empty containers back into SQG. Three of us so far have volunteered, let me know any others. Pick up is Friday morning.

5)      Community watering- each aisle is not very large, with some coordination, we can keep all the plots watered, especially during the heat of summer when many take vacations.

6)      I am just about done with plot assignments and will post the listing on the bulletin board in the Garden, once we get a new key. I forgot to alert new users to sign up for the group.


Let me know if anyone needs garden supplies and is without a car; I make regular trips to Home Depot.


Happy gardening.







From: Lynette Forrey [mailto:lynett...@gmail.com]
Sent: Thursday, May 16, 2013 2:45 PM
To: Patricia McGrath
Cc: squirre...@googlegroups.com; Letourneau, Jennifer (jwr...@cambridgema.gov)
Subject: Re: [squirrel_garden:631] plots available at new garden on Mem Drive


Hello, Gardeners.

Today at around 2:30 I went to the garden to find that a huge puddle had formed, as often happens after it rains. I realized after wading through the water to my garden that someone had left the water on. We all need to be mindful and check to make sure that water is off before we leave. Not only is it a waste of a precious resource, some gardens (like mine) will eventually flood. Fortunately I was in time to stop this happening to my garden. Let us work together, not against each other.

Thank you.

On Fri, Apr 26, 2013 at 10:07 AM, Patricia McGrath <p...@phylonix.com> wrote:

Jennifer let me  know that there is a new garden opening right now on Memorial Drive in the park between Blackstone and River Street.


Since this is the first year, there are still a  few unassigned plots available.


Contact Jen to determine if you can transfer your request for a plot at Squirrel Garden or fill out a new application.


Also she reports that the wait for plots at Fresh Pond is somewhat shorter.


There is a 3 year wait at Squirrel Garden. Ie, some 2010 applicants could get assigned plots in 2013, but since only 5 are turning over, likely 2014. We are updating the wait list.


Happy Gardening


Patricia McGrath



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Patricia McGrath

May 19, 2013, 7:32:13 PM5/19/13
to squirre...@googlegroups.com
Hello Gardeners,

I am trying to finalize the plot assignments, but need your assistance. Unfortunately there seem to be gaps in the dated City's master Garden Request List and the working list for Squirrel Garden assignments, the primary documents I inherited.
I could use your help with: 1) confirming continued use of your assigned plot, 2) contact information for gardners on the working list for assignments who are not on the City's master list.  By goodgling I found some folks whose names were on the working waiting list, but not on the City's  master list, but this was very time consuming.
For those on the wait list, I am hoping that you may have added your name to the google list when you joined the City's wait list or you were assigned a plot.
1) Gardeners with assigned plots now in years 1 or 2 who have not confirmed continued use Summer 2013.
Laurie Young  (1)                                         
Allison Houghton (4)
Ann Sagan (16)
Ken Long (20)
Moira Racich (22)
Megan Shaw (28)
Rebekeh Miller (29)
Liz Layton (31)
2) Garders  on  the working waitinng list for assignments who are not on the City's master list and there is no contact information; I do not know how they found their way onto to the working waiting list. Any suggestions are welcomed.
Also if  any of you on the list have contact information for these folks, please send them this message. I know they would appreciate learning of their status on the wait list-gardening space is in very short supply!
Amanda Gaudet
Vivek Freitas
Cindy Li
Nicolas Wren
Anna Schroefer
Ona Balkus
Laura Masulis
Ariel Plotkin
Kirty McFarland
Carol Zeitler
Frank Hacket
Mark Emerson
Julie Briggs
Peter Endres
Sep Kamvar
Robert Pollack
My apologies in advance for any mix ups on my part-the administration has been more time consuming than I expected.
Failthfully yours,
Patricia McGrath, Volunteer coordinator, AKA, Detective McGrath
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