New Release - Squatting 0.60

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Apr 23, 2009, 12:20:13 AM4/23/09
to squatting-framework
Hello, world. It's been a while.

I decided to upload a new release of Squatting the other day. I
wanted to get more documentation written before I released, but the
code had not really changed that much in a few months, so I decided to
just release anyway. (It's been too long.)

New in this release is support for mod_perl (for Apache 1.3.x or
Apache 2.2.x).

I also snuck in a module called Squatting::H which is a slot-based
object kinda like Camping::H.

Squatting itself will probably not change a whole lot after this. The
only major update I foresee is extending the API to support file
uploads, and that's pretty much it. Squatting itself is effectively
done after that gets implemented, but that's just the core.

Other modules I'll probably end up distributing separately are:

- Squatting::On::Mojo (did some work on it yesterday.)
- Squatting::On::CouchDB (Squatting apps as CouchDB external handlers)

Anyway, hope you've all been well.


PS: Coincidentally, Catalyst 5.8 was released on the same day that
Squatting 0.60 was released.


Apr 27, 2009, 7:35:48 AM4/27/09
to squatting-framework
I'll test out 0.60 in next couple of weeks (going to give me impetus
to write some proper web tests with WWW::Mechanize first before I do
the Squatting upgrade!).

re: Squatting::H

Yes I noticed this on github and it certainly looks very nice &
lightweight. Have you seen Hash::AsObject on CPAN?

From a quick perusal S::H has some extra methods like merge/clone &
nice/easy coderef slot usage. Hash::AsObject offers nesting &
compiles each hash 'slot' to a sub.


BTW... came across Hash::AsObject in "Perl Hacks" book.


Apr 27, 2009, 2:54:01 PM4/27/09
to squatting-framework
On Apr 27, 4:35 am, draegtun <> wrote:
> Yes I noticed this on github and it certainly looks very nice &
> lightweight.  Have you seen Hash::AsObject on CPAN?

I did not know about Hash::AsObject. I'll have to take a look. (The
vastness of CPAN is too much for my little brain, sometimes.)

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