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Terrence Brannon

Sep 21, 2009, 5:00:51 AM9/21/09
to squatting-framework
I think seeing CLI::Framework has tipped the scale for me. CLI::Framework should have a SEE ALSO to App::Command and vice versa.

This happens quite a bit on CPAN.

I propose that we develop some software to record all of these modules with related functionality.

There are two ways to relate modules:
  1. directly, just mention the other name
  2. indirectly, by giving both the same tag. In this case modular-command-line-app would be a tag that would link the 2 modules together
There is also the issue of distribution versus module. Are modules the things that are similar? or distributions? or sometimes one module is similar to another distro?

So, I'd like for us to develop this as a group here if you dont mind... I've had this idea for years, but never gotten around to doing it. Being jobless, now is the time to act!

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