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Aug 11, 2009, 9:35:33 AM8/11/09
to sqlpython
Hey everybody! I went quiet for a couple months there - I was crazy-
busy being chair of PyOhio.

We still need a new Gerald to move into serious multi-RDBMS
territory. However, in the meantime, 1.6.7 offers a fun new toy: BLOB
display. Regular SQL*Plus doesn't let you view BLOBs, naturally. In
sqlpython 1.6.7, though, when your query results include BLOBs,
they're saved to disk (limited by the parameter `bloblimit`) and the
file paths of the saved files are included with the query results. In
a GNOME terminal, you can right-click those file paths and open the

Even cooler: If you terminate your query with \h to generate HTML, and
the BLOBs are images, the HTML table will include the images. That
was a nice "wow" moment during my PyOhio lightning talk.

Have fun with it!

Andy Todd

Aug 11, 2009, 10:42:34 PM8/11/09
to sqlp...@googlegroups.com

Sounds good and I look forward to trying it out soon. On the Gerald
front I checked in another set of changes this morning and there is only
one task left on the list for Gerald 0.3;



As this is to add some decent logging I don't expect it to take long. I
am confident that I should have a packaged version of 0.3 by the end of
next week.

In the meantime everyone is welcome to work from the SVN trunk to try
out the changes I have made. As there is only me working on the code the
trunk is stable as I only ever check in when all of the unit tests pass.

From the desk of Andrew J Todd esq - http://www.halfcooked.com/

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