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Jarrett Chisholm

Jun 26, 2012, 12:53:33 PM6/26/12
hey all,

I'm pretty new to elixir (and python).  I'm trying to figure out how to query my new table.

I've got a model that looks like this (it's in it's own folder called 'model', the file is called '')
from elixir import *

metadata.bind = 'mysql://root:THEPASSWORD@localhost/test'
metadata.bind.echo = True

class Demographic(Entity):
    name = Field(Unicode(30))
    yob = Field(Integer)
    description = Field(UnicodeText)
    def __repr__(self):
        if (self.yob is None):
            self.yob = 0000
        return '<Demographic "%s" (%d)>' % (, self.yob)

I've got another file that imports the demographic and then tries to query and get all of the entries:

from model import demographic


def get_demographic():
    patients = demographic.Demographic.query.all()
    print patients

However, I'm getting the following error:

AttributeError: type object 'Demographic' has no attribute 'query'

When I add 'demographic.setup_all()' to the start of the get_demographic() function, it works.  Do I need to call 'demographic.setup_all()' every time I want to query?

Thanks all!


Jarrett Chisholm
Prylynx Corporation
IT should be this simple
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