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Chris Young

Jul 11, 2022, 4:51:17 PM7/11/22
to SQL Workbench/J - DBMS independent SQL tool

I'm partial to FlatLaf dark themes, but I've run into some issues with colors.

It seems that some of the Options/Settings -> Editor colors (like Background) control the Messages tab and not the Editor/Statement tab.  There doesn't seem to be separate colors for Messages, so it is certainly fine with me to have the Editor colors both Editor and Messages, but for Background it only impacts Messages.  So, I'm "stuck" with a gray background for the Editor when I want it to be black.

I'm on 128.3 now but I believe the behavior changed with 128.1 or 2.  You had previously mentioned that one could use FlatLaf.properties to override internal defaults.  Is that a solution for me here?  What would the property be?

As always, thanks.  And thank you for making what I think is the best SQL tool out there.  I'm not just saying that so you answer my question :-) -- I truly mean it and want to remind you that people like me are using it daily as it is such a productivity booster over commercial tools.

Thomas Kellerer

Jul 12, 2022, 1:34:28 AM7/12/22
to sql-wo...@googlegroups.com
Thanks for the feedback.

this is a bug that slipped in, when I reworked the initialization of the colors. I will fix that.

I am not entirely sure, this can be controlled through FlatLaf customization, but you can try.

You need to create a file flatlaf.properties in the "ext" directory (where flatlaf.jar is located). That will be picked up by FlatLaf to customize the look and feel.

Details about the customization properties can be found on the flatlaf site:


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