SQL Workbench/J - DBMS independent SQL tool

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SQL Workbench/J support forum.

This forum is intended for users of SQL Workbench/J - the DBMS independent SQL tool
This forum is NOT about MySQL Workbench, if you have a question about MySQL Workbench please contact Oracle.

Please note:
  • Messages from new members will be moderated and might take some time to appear.
  • I will delete spam and commercial advertising without notice and the sender will be blocked

When reporting a problem, please always include the following information:

  • The SQL Workbench/J build you are using
  • The DBMS and (exact) version you are using  (e.g. PostgreSQL 9.4.5 or Oracle
  • The version of the JDBC driver you are using

The connection information (DBMS, driver) can be displayed by right-clicking in the connection URL in the main window and selecting "Connection Info" or through the "Connection Info" item in the Help menu.