[ANN] Spyder 5.5.0 is released!

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Daniel Althviz Moré

Nov 9, 2023, 5:27:21 PM11/9/23
to spyder

Hi all,

On the behalf of the Spyder Project Contributors, I'm pleased to announce that Spyder 5.5.0 has been released and is available for Windows, GNU/Linux and MacOS X: https://github.com/spyder-ide/spyder/releases

This release comes ten weeks after version 5.4.5 and it contains the following new features and important fixes:

    • Drop support for Python 3.7
    • Drop support for PyQt < 5.10
    • Improvements to the logic that checks available updates and the update messages
    • Improvements to the syntax highlighting for match/case keywords
    • Improved compatibility for the standalone installer with Windows Server 2016
    • Additional information about Spyder available through spyder.appdata.xml
    • Fix Outline Explorer Display variables and attributes option
    • Fix disabling completion and linting providers
    • Fix errors when removing language servers configurations
    • Fix Editor replace all occurences when using backslashes
    • Fix errors when restarting external kernels
    • Fix error when using the Online help with Python 3.11
    • Fix debugging after errors via the %debug magic
    • Fix compatibility with Python 2 environments/custom interpreters
    • Fix application window disappearing when changing monitors
    • Fix PYTHONPATH manager logic to get user environment variables and detect possible site-packages directories

In this release we fixed 26 issues and merged 42 pull requests that amount to more than 151 commits. For a full list of fixes, please see our Changelog.

Don't forget to follow Spyder updates/news on the project's website.

Last, but not least, we welcome any contribution that helps making Spyder an efficient scientific development and computing environment. Join us to help creating your favorite environment!


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