how to launch Spyder-Notebook programmatically from Python program run in Spyder console or Spyder-Terminal

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Rich Lysakowski

Nov 11, 2022, 7:40:42 PM11/11/22
to spyder
I am creating Jupyter Notebooks programmatically after scraping HTML-embedded Python code.  

I want to automatically (programmatically) launch Spyder-Notebook and open the ".ipynb" file that was just created in my script. 

I want to be able to follow the "nbopen" protocol: 

1) Test if there is an existing Spyder-Notebook (Jupyter?) server started by Spyder.
2) If the test result in 1) is False, then launch Spyder-Notebook
3) Pass in the NB filename, Open Spyder-Notebook, i.e., like "File...Open..."
4) Display NB in Spyder-Notebook

What API call(s) do I have to use to test if Spyder-Notebook is already running, and then open the Jupyter NB with that Jupyter server, or launch a new server if Spyder-Notebook is not already running.

Thank you.

Rich Lysakowski

Carlos Córdoba

Nov 19, 2022, 10:48:55 PM11/19/22


You need to create another Spyder plugin that uses the Spyder-notebook API in the programmatic way you need.

To learn how to write plugins for Spyder, we have this tutorial. It’s a bit outdated, so you’ll also need to check how our latest plugins are implemented in the main Spyder repo.

And Spyder-notebook API is quite simple: it exposes a single method called open_notebook, which does exactly what you want when receiving a list of filenames.


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