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Jul 3, 2012, 11:27:34 AM7/3/12
to spo...@googlegroups.com

I don't really get what Eonson and Cordies are doing in PlanetPi4 (compiled with the source code from SpoVNet website).

Firstly the 4 EONSON areas are not detected. I had to change notScenario = new Scenario(node->getNodeId(), 500, 125000, 125000, nSrv,this) by
notScenario = new Scenario(node->getNodeId(), 50, 11500, 11500, nSrv,this) to detect the 4 areas.

Then in Scenario.cpp from EONSON I understood that when I get in Area1
- I advertise positionUpdate for Area1
- I subscribe for onMeeting in Area1
- I subscribe for onDepart in Area1
- I publish positionUpdate in Area1
So in PlanetPi4 nothing happens. If I publish onMeeting in Area1 then my spaceship will be red when it comes in Area1. If I publish onDepart in Area1 then the spaceship is blue.
By publishing positionUpdate there is no receiveNotification Callback in aribanet.cpp from PlanetPi4.

So how should I use Eonson? Do I need to change Scenario.cpp to publish onDepart or onMeeting? And what Cordies exactly does?
Normally it should check for correlation. How can I check those correlations and how can I execute a function on correlation = true?

I don't know if I presented my problem clearly.
Thank you for your help,


Jul 5, 2012, 6:20:47 AM7/5/12
to spo...@googlegroups.com

I got the message, you sent to Julien. Thanks a lot for the answer. Actually I didn't lauch Cordies Standalone with PlanetPi4.
As soon as I launched it, it was working perfectly.
Do you know if it's possible to have cordies not as a standalone but to integrate it directly in the game? So everytime I launch the game, cordies start automatically.
If there are no solution yet, I'm going to work on it and keep you updated with the results.

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