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Julien Dumont

Mar 13, 2012, 7:43:33 AM3/13/12
to SpoVNet
Hi dear spoVnet Team and thanks a lot for responding me so quickly in
my last message.

The answer you gave me didn't fix my problem because what I'd like to
do is apparently impossible.

But it is maybe another way to do this and I'd like you to ask if you
do know.

Here is my real issue :

Imagine that you are in a LAN with a large number of ips, for the
example, let say 5.

So, we have

On the one hand, every body run the game I am working to, on the other
hand, create the first spoVnet.

My question is quite simple, how 101/102/103 and 104 can see that 100
have just created a SpoVnet instance so that no one is connected to
any other common spoVnet (You have to know that I have not a remote
server which run a spoVnet all the time and I can't do).

So much gratitude,



Mar 13, 2012, 8:51:09 AM3/13/12
to SpoVNet
Hi Julien,

thanks for your interest in SpoVNet.

If I get your right, you want to run a distributed game in a LAN on
top of SpoVNet.
I you have full control over all hosts, you can just start
1920.168.0.100 first and enter its address in the bootstrap info of
the remaining hosts on startup. This should work, given you have
defined the same SpoVNet ID string to all hosts (so they will try to
become part of the same instance).
If you haven't full control, it should work with the broadcast
bootstrapping, right?

Best regards,

Mar 13, 2012, 9:12:36 AM3/13/12
to SpoVNet
Hi Julien,

if it doesn't matter which node initiates the SpoVNet, you can just
use the broadcast module on all nodes.

Actually, there is no reason that must initiate the
SpoVNet. But if it's important to the other nodes to see when has created, let's say, a new game, then you should
connect all nodes in a SpoVNet first (e.g. via broadcast
bootstrapping). Then should inform all nodes in the
SpoVNet that a new game has started. To send a broadcast message
within a SpoVNet you can use the MCPO module.

Best, Mario

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