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Doug Kaye

Dec 24, 2009, 11:34:13 PM12/24/09
When I created the new /programs method, I named it that as opposed to
/program (which already exists) to reflect the fact that the new one
returns a list/array of program objects. But there's technically no
reason that they couldn't *both* be called /program or /programs.

What's your preference? /program for both? /programs for both? Keep
the two different names? I'm tempted to combine them just to keep the
clutter down. Remember, I'll be adding methods for /collections,
/feeds and /members. Part of the REST philosophy suggests that
something like /program/123 (to refer to a single program) should be
usable as /program (no #) to refer to *all* programs. I don't want to
get too cute or too philosophical about this, but I'm curious which
makes more sense to developers who will use the API.



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