SPLASH v2.2.0 released

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Daniel Price

Nov 16, 2012, 12:28:40 AM11/16/12
to splash-...@googlegroups.com
Dear SPLASH users,

I am very pleased to announce the release of SPLASH v2.2.0.

Download it from: http://users.monash.edu.au/~dprice/splash/download.html
Or if you have a svn copy: cd splash; svn update; cd giza; svn update; cd -; make cleanall; make

There are some substantial new features, most importantly the ability to use different smoothing kernels, but also some other stuff:

* option to use different kernels for interpolation
* floating/inset colour bars added
* "splash to gadget" conversion implemented
* splash to grid works in 2D
* improved interfaces to shapes and animation sequences
* automatically turns on dark matter particle plotting if no gas
* interactive mode help displayed automatically
* various minor changes and bug fixes (full release notes below)

If you're using the svn copy, you've probably had these changes for a while anyway, so should be no surprises!

Let me know if you find any problems, or if you want your favourite kernel added :)


Changes in v2.2.0 compared to v2.1.1
dprice (63):
BUG FIX/regression with int*8 and int*1 definitions in sphNG data read
less verbose warning if no gas particles (warns for first file only)
BUG FIX with sink particle read in phantom small dumps
catches problems with vector labelling in data reads
updated jules data read to handle his latest format
added CMRmap colour scheme: A colormap for effective black and white rendering of colour scale images
implemented splash to grid in 2D
added splash to gadget option to convert files to basic gadget code format
build dependency fixed (thanks to Shazrene Mohamed)
confusing/obsolete linkerror diagnostic stuff removed from Makefile
kernel swapping implemented (using SPLASH_KERNEL environment variable): applies to ALL interpolation routines
openMP bugs fixed with kernel swapping stuff
bug fix with memory allocation in splash to grid if npixels exceeds int4 limit
bug fix with openMP in splash to grid + kernel swapping
kernel swapping implemented as menu option in r) menu; also choice saved to splash.defaults, overrides SPLASH_KERNEL setting
new kernel module added
interactive mode prints help screen automatically on first call
implemented floating/inset and customisable colour bar options
vastly improved the menu interface for adding/editing shapes/annotation
better error handling with ctrl-t in interactive mode if hit array limits for text shapes
added new prompt_list module for list-based menus; shapes menu now implemented using this
animation sequences menu uses new list prompting module: much less confusing
unused variable warning fixed
compiler warnings fixed
updated version info
uses print_shapeinfo to pretty-print shapes during plotting
.anim files no longer used, animation sequence options now just saved to splash.defaults; much less confusing
better question about buffered data
added kernel function for M5 quartic squashed to 2h
line break before interactive help (looks nicer)
get_columns no longer prints number of columns (less verbosity)
ascii data read prints column assignment info only for first file read
consistent definition of lastplot done in page_setup; printing of plot limits less verbose for multiple steps-per-page
Makefile uses FC, FFLAGS instead of F90C, F90FLAGS; also version number checked for gfortran compatibility
compile error in gfortran 4.7 fixed
compiler warning fixed
footnote fixed
minor bug with string indexing fixed
bug fix with weird limit-changing behaviour with a) on surface density/toomre Q plots
BUG FIX with splash to ascii if coordinate transform set (now works)
integrated kernel table setup does not print anything
changecoords and changeveccoords routines moved to geomutils module
bug fix with velocities in cylindrical coords + calc quantities if radius is relative to tracked particle
splash to ascii uses origin settings if cyl/sph coords are used
commented out cruft removed
bug fix with allowed range of columns in render prompts if extra quantities present
much faster r-z and non-cartesian rendering
bug fix with gadget HDF5 read with dark matter only + no gas
automatically turns on plotting of dark matter particles if no gas particles read; dependencies rejigged to enable this (set_coordlabels moved; also does not reread coord labels when resetting coord system)
minor changes to comments
bug fix: GSPLASH_DARKMATTER_HSOFT now works with gadget hdf5 read
bug fix with axes colours in residual error plots
titles continue on next page if ntitles > nacross*ndown
added gresho vortex exact solution
bug fix with axes being redrawn with multiple steps per page (looks odd in eps)
maxshapes increased to 32
rendering in non-cartesian coords uses normalised interpolation if 3rd dimension is not a length
docs updated for 2.2.0

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