SPLASH v1.13.0 released

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Daniel Price

Feb 24, 2010, 4:50:13 PM2/24/10
to splash-...@googlegroups.com
Dear SPLASH users,

I am very pleased to announce the release of SPLASH v1.13.0. It's
been far too long between releases, but there are some substantial new
features in this one that I've been working on for a while. These are:

* The calc_quantities module has been completely re-written to use a
function parser. So now, at runtime, you can calculate *any* arbitrary
function of the particle data you have read from your SPH code. That's
right, no more "hacksplash" to calculate the quantity you want, no
more locally modified versions of calc_quantities.f90 - now you can
just type it in.

* A new, very general exact solution option for plotting arbitrary
functions has been added (making use of the function parser).

* A "splash to grid" command-line feature has been implemented, so
that you can convert your SPH data (in any format that SPLASH will
read) to 3D gridded output in a variety of formats [please let me know
if there is a format you would like implemented].

* Arbitrary text annotation can be added to plots in interactive mode
by typing ctrl-t in the plot window. Clicking on the text box allows
you to edit the text, and pressing backspace over a text object will
delete it from the plot.

* quite a few bug fixes, new data read for Andrea Urban.

* "make install" option in the Makefile, copies the splash binaries
to /usr/local/bin (or location specified by make DEST=blah install)

v1.13.0 is available as a tarball from the usual place:

---- getting the latest ----
Note that SPLASH now has a public svn repository, so you can check out
the latest and greatest code at any time. Just use:
svn co https://svn-vre.its.monash.edu.au/mathsci/splash
to get the latest. The splash repository is pretty stable on the
whole, though you may find some changes-in-progress. Once you have
obtained splash this way though, it is very simple to upgrade to the
latest version: Just enter the splash/ directory and type:
svn update
then simply "make" to recompile the code.

Obviously, please let me know if you run into any problems with the
new version, otherwise, happy SPLASH-ing!


PS: If you're wondering if this release is the "great things..."
mentioned on the website, no it's not. Part of the urgency of this
release is so that I can prepare the repository for the imminent
ditching of PGPLOT as the backend (leading to splash v2.0). With the
help of a very able summer student we have developed a very nice
backend replacement for PGPLOT with even fewer dependencies than
PGPLOT itself. There's a bit more bug-squashing to do before we go
public though...

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