URLs for SCM repository are changing slightly

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Nolan Darilek

Feb 7, 2015, 10:35:52 AM2/7/15
to Spiel

Recently I started using http://cloudflare.com for its free, automatic
SSL proxying. Unfortunately, Cloudflare won't let me both use its
services and have direct access to my root domain. As such, URLs are
changing slightly.

The canonical URLs for the source code repositories are now
https://www.thewordnerd.info/scm. This is different from the normal
https://thewordnerd.info/scm. If you're just using
http://thewordnerd.info/scm then it should automatically redirect with a
301; since the non-HTTPS component of my server only flips the scheme to
HTTPS and prepends www to the naked domain, I figured it could remain
unprotected. But since the HTTPS component uses a self-signed
certificate with a long expiration time to secure connection between CF
and my servers, hitting https://thewordnerd.info directly would cause
confusion for folks asked to approve a self-signed cert.

Anyhow, just figured I'd give folks a heads-up that www.thewordnerd.info
was now the canonical web location for my stuff. I may be able to be
more flexible with spielproject.info since I never SSH to it directly.
At the moment those sites are unreachable because I need to do the DNS
registrar dance with their nameservers, which I haven't yet.

Happy weekend.
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