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Nolan Darilek

May 1, 2015, 11:03:16 AM5/1/15
to Spiel
Unfortunately the Gitolite/CGit workflow had some limitations, and since
I needed something more complex for my company, I evaluated Gitbucket. I
liked it, so switched most of my personal projects (including Spiel)
over. The existing infrastructure is still up, but will likely be phased
out soon.

The repository URL:

There are a couple unlabeled links at the top of this page once you're
logged in. The first is to your profile, the second signs you out. My PR
to fix this was already merged by the Gitbucket folks so lots of a11y
fixes will be coming down the pipe in the next version, which I'll
upgrade to as soon as I know about it.

This should simplify the contribution process some, since now I no
longer need to create your account. The flow is more GitHub-like, with
you forking spiel/spiel into your own account and submitting PRs. I
don't know that I'll have time for Spiel unless the community takes more
ownership, but I plan to develop more features under my own account and
port them over as PRs as they mature.

I know that some folks had issues checking out HTTPS-hosted repositories
due to CloudFlare's certs. I've discovered that newer versions of
Git/OpenSSL don't have this issue. In particular, the Windows
distribution at:

has no issues. Why this Git 2.3 build doesn't show up when I search for
"windows git" on Google is beyond me. Additionally, newer Linux builds
seem to handle this OK. My CI server checks out these repos over HTTPS
just fine. I'm hoping that, given the above, there are very few of you
who will have issues, and that those few issues will go away over time
as hosts update their OpenSSL.

Let me know if you have any additional problems. Should there be none,
I'll likely phase out CGit/Gitolite over the coming days.
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