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Mar 6, 2015, 11:08:04 AM3/6/15
First, a note to anyone who is still maintaining/developing this
project. I have been using Spiel almost exclusively since a build was
posted to the Eyes-Free Google group in December, and I have to say I
really enjoy using it. I do hope there is still some active development,
as Spiel is definitely my screen reader of choice on Android 4.1.2. A
big thankyou for a great job so far!

Now for a feature request, if I may be so bold <smiles>. Although it is
very easy for application developers to add content descriptions to the
buttons in their apps, as I have seen talking with PhoneFusion's Visual
Voicemail Plus support staff, some app developers either don't have the
time or the number of coders or something necessary to get the job done
in a timely manner, if they even do it at all, and other developers just
aren't so easily accessible. I have noticed that any time Spiel sees a
button that has no description, it calls it "button" or either "image"
followed by a number, e.g. 24 of 38. In such cases, I would like to have
the ability to associate my own text label with "button 24 of 38" so
that it is read as "delete button" instead, assuming of course I haven't
deleted something I really wanted to keep in my attempt to find out what
"button 24 of 38" actually does. An attempt to automatically determine
what all the buttons with no content descriptions do in an app,
generating editable labels in such cases would greatly help as well.
Additionally, the ability to export all added labels to a file and
import them to another instance of Spiel would be even better, as it
would give the community of users the option to share "label files" that
could be distributed via a website or dropbox or similar, or backed up
to be restored later in case of a reinstall or the purchase of a new device.

Although coders are probably needed for Spiel at this time, I'm not
really familiar enough with the code to attempt this, although I would
certainly be able to contribute to such a "label file" if something like
this could be implemented. Thanks much for the great work so far.
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Mar 6, 2015, 11:59:53 AM3/6/15
I agree this would be nice.
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