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Dec 27, 2021, 6:10:16 AM12/27/21
to sphinx-users
I want to generate links from web pages that are not generated by sphinx,
to headings and sub-headings in web pages that are generated by sphinx.

I have noticed that sphinx automatically generates anchors for such links.
For example, using sphinx v4.1.2, if the test_link.rst file contains the text


        Heading 1

        Heading 2


The the file test_link.hmtl generated by sphinx will contain the following
link anchor for the headings in test_link.html:

        Title: href="#title"
        Heading 1: href="#heading-1"
        Heading 2: href="#heading-2"
        Heading-2: href="#id1"

It seems that the heading text has been converted to lower case and that
spaces ' ' have been converted to dashes '-'. It also seems if a conversion
would yield the same value as a previous coversion, then a numbered id, that
increases by one each time it is needed, is used for the link.

1.  Are these conversion rules for link anchors correct ?

2.  Are there ther conversion rules; e.g., other times that the numbered ids
    are inserted (and hence increase by one).

2.  Are these rules part of the sphinx API; i.e., will it be the same in
    future versions of sphinx ?

Matt Documatt

Dec 27, 2021, 9:29:31 AM12/27/21
Hello Bradley!
It is generally as you said.

Actually, these web-safe anchors are generated by Docutils, not Sphinx. Firstly, by nodes.make_id() function ( In case of collision, "id1" anchors are coming from here I would not say it is a part of public API but is unlikely to be changed.

You might also consider setting explicit labels before titles. Either, manually

.. _my-custom-label:


.. _set-to-anything-1:

Heading 1

Or, using an autosectionlabel builtin extension (

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