ANN: Sizzle theme - version 0.1.1 released

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Vinay Sajip

May 3, 2022, 11:43:08 AM5/3/22
to sphinx-users
I've released version 0.1.1 of the Sizzle theme on PyPI. To use it, simply do

pip install sphinx_sizzle_theme

and then specify 'sizzle' as your Sphinx theme.

This release introduces some new features. Changes:

* Meta tags added to layout, so that the meta directive can be used.
* The size constraint was changed on header elements, for an improved display.
* Empty field bodies are now handled correctly.
* The TOC input box now sticks to near the top of the browser window.
* Support for Iconify icons (over 100,000 icons) was added.
* Updated client-side libraries.

Theme highlights:

* Layout uses a small header with search box, prev/next links and index link
* Sidebar is hideable and showable with keyboard or mouse
* Entries in the TOC can be filtered by typing in what you want to match on -
  handy for long TOCs / larger projects
* Sidebar and content area can scroll independently (useful for larger projects)
* Typography changes - Font Awesome is integrated, slightly more condensed fonts
  than are used in Guzzle (e.g. Roboto rather than Open Sans), Iconify icons supported
* Support for additional Google Fonts
* Styled lists using Font Awesome icons
* Summary/detail functionality using styled lists
* Some custom roles, including one for Font Awesome icons and one for Iconify icons
* Tooltips in your documentation that you can customize
* Improved hooks for your custom JavaScript to be called on document load, etc.

You can see an example of the theme using its own documentation:

and for a larger project:

I'd be grateful for any feedback about the theme and/or its documentation.

The development repository is currently at

and issues can also be raised there.


Vinay Sajip
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