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Alex Pol

Sep 20, 2019, 1:37:59 PM9/20/19
to sphinx-users
Good day
We have several projects in our company
We use autodoc for building documentation from docstrings
But all those documentation built separately
With html no problems - just copy directory with html files, but there is a problem - search and alphabetical index is not working
Is there any way to make indexes from html?
Thank you

Yasin Gündüz

Apr 17, 2020, 11:41:15 AM4/17/20
to sphinx-users
Hello dear people,

I would also be interested in an answer to this question. We do have the same issue.
Several Sphinx projects linked together with intersphinx. But the search would only work for one project at once.
Is there any way you can merge those seachindexes together from all projects?

Luke Tunmer

Jun 26, 2020, 11:28:32 AM6/26/20
to sphinx-users
Digging up this discussion again. Has anyone got further thoughts on how this can be done?

Background: our customers install various tools, applications and extensions, and they all have their own sphinx docs to describe them. I would like to have a webview in our primary tool which finds all in the sphinx docs that have been locally installed, and provides a single search across all these documents. The objects.inv file in each html sphinx output seems to only hold tagged items in the document, and doesn't contain a complete index of the entire document. I guess the search-within-a-doc javascript actually fetches each of the rst files and does a search within them for the search term. Is this the case? Are there any Python packages that essentially do the same? Of course I could write my own, but it looks like others have similar needs.

Thanks in advance,
Luke Tunmer

Daniel Scott

Nov 25, 2020, 10:39:20 PM11/25/20
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Charles Bouchard-Légaré

Apr 8, 2022, 12:39:36 AM4/8/22
to sphinx-users
Look into dedicated server-side search. Algolia can be integrated quite simply in a Sphinx-generated website, and you certainly can have it index multiple documentation projects at once.
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