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Felix Hildén

Jun 28, 2021, 7:39:57 AMJun 28
to sphinx-users

Firstly, thanks for providing the awesome Sphinx! I'm looking forward to the 4.1 release. To that end: I see the milestone on GitHub has expired a while ago, and I was wondering what the release process is. I doubt all the issues currently tagged 4.1 will be closed, since many of them have been moved to next milestones multiple times now.

So, what are the conditions to releasing 4.1? I'm guessing it's only after 4.0.3, but is it immediately after it or something else? Dare I even ask for an updated date? Hah, I do realise that date estimates are doomed to fail.

Many thanks to all the contributors for continually making Sphinx better!

Best regards,
Felix Hildén

Komiya Takeshi

Jul 6, 2021, 12:33:40 PMJul 6
to sphinx...@googlegroups.com

Good point. The release date of 4.1.0 was passed and should be updated.

We adopted a bi-monthly release cycle. And 4.0.0 was released just 2
months ago (May 9th). So I'd like to release the stable version this


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