After upgrade to Sphinx 7.0.1 Tables don't have colgroups assigned to them when I don't define widths in my .rst file

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Jun 28, 2023, 10:43:30 AM6/28/23
to sphinx-users
I am using sphinx to transform my rst files into jsons with html, and in my rst file I define 
table without the widths like so:

   :header-rows: 1
* - Option A
- Item B
- Item C

* - Option B
- Item D
- Item E

In the resulting html when we were using sphinx 4.3.1 we had a colgroup tag defining the widths of the table, to be of equal size. Now after upgrading to sphinx 7.0.1 we no longer have the colgroup tag appearing in the html structure and our tables are broken.
Why was this removed from sphinx? Was this default tables being of equal width functionality removed on purpose? I didn't find any mention of that in the changelog in the official sphinx site.
What would be the best approach to fix this issue?

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