integrating Sphinx with another platform?

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Bruce Hoppe

Dec 9, 2021, 5:29:41 PM12/9/21
to sphinx-users
Hello Sphinx Users!

I am new to Sphinx and excited about its capabilities. I am designing a complete site for an open-source code project, and documentation will be central. But our main site will do more more than documentation. It might look like or, for example, enticing people to install and participate etc.

I am struggling to understand how Sphinx integrates with another platform other than ReadtheDocs. For example, if we use Jekyll or WordPress as a central platform, how do people typically integrate Sphinx output with those environments?

Thank you for any suggestions or guiding questions.

Best regards,
Bruce Hoppe

Matt Documatt

Dec 20, 2021, 3:38:03 PM12/20/21
Hello Bruce and welcome to Sphinx!
For me, such "integration" actually means building HTML from Sphinx project and static files serving.

For example, / is your main WordPress/whatever-powered website, while /docs are static files generated from Sphinx. You mix two different types of website hosting behind the scenes. For Apache, it is possible with mod_alias. It allows for content that is not directly under the DocumentRoot served as part of the web document tree.

The easiest is if the main website and docs are on different domains ( and The main website stays as is, docs are simple static hosting.

In both cases, you likely want the to docs to look like the main website. It means you need to create a Sphinx theme that looks like your main website.

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