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May 19, 2021, 5:00:19 AMMay 19
to sphinx-dev
Hi all,

is there a way for a self-written builder to skip the creation of _static?
And maybe to skip also all image related actions?

Use case:
I'm the maintainer of the Sphinx-Needs extension, which has a json-builder to extract all need-objects (requirements, specs, test cases, ...) from a Sphinx documentation.
The extracted information is stored in a file called "needs.json".
So no other files are needed (No images, no html, nothing from _static)

Right now I get under "_build/needs":
- needs.json (this I want)
- _static/* (~5 Mb of data, not needed)
- _panels_static/* (~50kB, not needed, coming from the awesome extension Sphinx-Panels)

I'm trying to keep the outcome of the json-builder somehow clean.
This issue is tracked under #115 in our Sphinx-Needs github project.

Any ideas and help is welcome.


Komiya Takeshi

May 23, 2021, 11:39:00 AMMay 23

Copying the static files is not responsibility of builders. Only HTML
builders copy them. So no proper way to stop it.
It seems your extension intendedly copies files to _static directory.
Please check `install_lib_static_files` and


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