Fate of sphinx-testing?

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Nathan Yergler

May 1, 2017, 7:07:13 PM5/1/17
to sphin...@googlegroups.com
I work on a couple of tools that are built on Sphinx (hieroglyph, tut), and as such was really happy when sphinx-testing[1] was made available. Previously I was pulling bits and pieces out of Sphinx's test suite and adding them to my repository in order to write tests. I think I assumed that sphinx-testing was going to become a dependency of Sphinx, in order to allow any extension author to write tests using the same tools.

However this week while updating tut[2] I noticed that my tests were failing under Sphinx 1.6. A little investigation revealed that there've been some changes to how themes are handled, in particular, which led to the failure. I "fixed" it to work for my tests, and opened a pull request against sphinx-testing[3].

I was surprised, then, to notice that the CI failed for my sphinx-testing PR[4]. When I dug in, it appears that the last run (which was successful) was ~ 2 years ago, and that the implementation of with_app has diverged between Sphinx and sphinx-testing. I have a local branch that updates the tox configuration to test against Sphinx 1.4, 1.5, and "dev", and the tests run successfully under that. (There are some linting failures, but nothing that can't be fixed.) 

Before I put time into getting things to run cleanly, I thought I should check in: is sphinx-testing abandoned? Am I using it in the appropriate way (to drive integration tests between my extensions and Sphinx)? Is there any interest/intention/desire to "dogfooding" it for Sphinx's main test suite?



Komiya Takeshi

May 3, 2017, 5:10:14 AM5/3/17
to sphin...@googlegroups.com
Hello Nathan,

Thank you for PR. I'll take a look it from now on.

>is sphinx-testing abandoned?

No, it is still alive. I also uses it on my extensions, So it is very
important :-)
But we don't have enough time to maintain it. As a result, I didn't
notice it is broken with v1.6.

>Is there any interest/intention/desire to "dogfooding" it for Sphinx's main test suite?

Unfortunately, that was rejected once when I made the library.
So it is provided as only for 3rd party extensions.

In addition, the testing framework of sphinx-core is migrated to
pytest. sphinx-testing is still using nose. So it is difficult to use
sphinx-testing in sphinx-core.

BTW, shimizukawa proposed to export the testing utilities of
sphinx-core as `sphinx.testing`.

Anyway, I would like to keep sphinx-testing available at this moment.

Takeshi KOMIYA
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