This FLAC or that FLAC or the other FLAC?

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Ron Melder

Jan 24, 2020, 6:24:05 PM1/24/20
to spek-users
Same song  - All FLAC - different file size and bit rates.

In the past, I have just 'acquired' songs in MP3 format @320 kbps. I have tons of storage space (over 100TB) and my concern is that maybe the 320 kbps files may one day not be enough (think 8 track and cassette). 

I ended up with multiple songs at different sample rates and bit rates.

Led Zepplelin - Black Mountain Side

#1 192,000 Hz - 24 bits - 2 channels - size 88,540 KB
#2  44,100 Hz  - 16 bits - 2 channels - size 18,007 KB
#3  44,100 Hz  - 16 Bits - 2 channels - size 12,526 KB

Please see the attached images of Spek results.

My desire - I want to not have to upgrade the entire collection if, somehow, what I have starts to fall short. Again, I am already upgraded all of my MP3s that were below 320 kbps to 320, so I don't want to have to do it all again any time soon. In addition to that, I want to leave whomever ends up with my stuff a dollar or two in the bank and a kick-ass music and movie collection.

My question - Of the three different files I mentioned, which one should I keep? Or is it possible that all three of them are wrong?

Next question - What are some good programs for ripping CDs in a high quality FLAC file?

Thanks in advance to all that reply. In better days, I would have tried to figure all this out on my own but, along with this collection that I have acquired, I have also managed to acquire a few acronyms from my time in the army and my mind doesn't work for me like it used to...

Ron M

Jan 24, 2020, 6:29:24 PM1/24/20
to spek-users
I guess I forgot something... I use WinAmp and it shows...

#1 -  5460 kbps
#2 -  1112 kbps
#3 -   773 kbps

Told ya my mind doesn't work like it used to do...

Feb 16, 2021, 5:23:50 AM2/16/21
to spek-users
Hello, I don't understand all of spectrum but what i read is that it's better to have yellow and green than blue/purple.
The human ear can analyze and hear  the qualtiy unti 21/22khz for the best of us i think.
So higher i don't think it's very useful for common people/use. If you have unlimited storage why not but i don't know in which circumstances that those as high bitrate is useful (wait another answer for that maybe)... Maybe if you have realy good devices too play at home you could hear the difference but with a phone or womputer speakers not sure you can get it.
Than i would delete bm03 because it has the less green/yellow.
Between 1 and 2 i don't see really the colours of BM01 around 20khz. If there are more green/yellow around 20h i would keep the highest but the purple is maybe not good.. i do'nt know.
But i see purple at  high freq... i have as high music but there is no purple at my side... so i d'ont think it's good for quality.
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