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LMS Pommer

Aug 29, 2022, 10:00:40 AM8/29/22
to speedcrunch
I install speedcrunch at our school via silent-install on the computers with the following command:

Speedcrunch-0.12-win32.exe /S /NCRC

This works fine so far. When the command is run on a computer that already has speedcrunch installed, the following window opens and requires user interaction.


Is there a way to run the installer with parameters to stop this behavior? In this case it would be nice if speedcrunch is installed again without further prompt.

Best regards

Benny Beat

Sep 8, 2022, 7:35:03 AM9/8/22
to speedcrunch
Adapt this script to your needs:

:: by: BennyBeat (CC4 By-sa)

:: This script installs the SpeedCrunch Calculator (the .exe file must be in the same folder as this script, or then modify the script to your needs).
:: This script automagically uninstall any previous SpeedCrunch calculator version, avoiding the message asking user what to do.
:: Is mandatory to execute this script with Admin privileges in order to un/install SpeedCrunch calculator.
:: The script also kills the SpeedCrunch calculator if is in use, before to be updated.
:: All the options are commented, in order to easily understand.

::  =================== SpeedCrunch Calculator ==========================
@echo off
Color B
set app=SpeedCrunch
title %app%

:: Kills SpeedCrunch in case the calculator is in use, and **
CL**ear (the) **S**creen
tasklist | find /i "SpeedCrunch.exe" && taskkill /im SpeedCrunch.exe /F || echo.

:: Uninstall the previous version (if any)
echo Uninstalling previous version. Please wait...
If EXIST "%programfiles(x86)%\%app%\uninstall.exe" "%programfiles(x86)%\%app%\uninstall.exe" /S

:: Install the downloaded version; no matter the version number name you have, thanks to the "%app%" variable and the (*) wildcard.
:: "Ping" command is used here to show the "Done" message, waiting for 3 seconds, before
CLear Screen and exit. Remove the "Done" and "Ping" lines if you don't need to show that info.
start /w %app%*.exe /S /NCRC
echo Done!
ping -n 3 >nul

:  =================== SpeedCrunch Calculator ==========================

Or simply add this line to your script, above your "Speedcrunch-0.12-win32.exe /S /NCRC":
If EXIST "%programfiles(x86)%\%app%\uninstall.exe" "%programfiles(x86)%\%app%\uninstall.exe" /S

Hope that help,
El dia dilluns, 29 d’agost de 2022 a les 16:00:40 UTC+2, va escriure:

LMS Pommer

Sep 12, 2022, 5:18:53 AM9/12/22
to speedcrunch
Hello Benny. 

Thank you for your help. I already thought, that there will be no silent reinstall parameter. But your solution works. 

Best regards
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