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Stefan Westerfeld

Jun 20, 2017, 10:36:09 AM6/20/17
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spectmorph-0.3.3 has been released.

Overview of Changes in spectmorph-0.3.3:
* Added portamento:
- VST: support MPE to perform per-voice pitch bend (can be used in Bitwig)
- new portamento mono mode (all hosts)
* Added vibrato.
* Internal improvements:
- better property abstraction for (non-linear) UI properties
- updated polyphase interpolator (used for vibrato|portamento)
- fixed a few problems when developing against spectmorph(ui) libs
- don't link against Qt UI library when only QtCore is necessary
* Compile fixes for g++-6.3

What is SpectMorph?
SpectMorph is a free software project which allows to analyze samples of
musical instruments, and to combine them (morphing). It can be used to
construct hybrid sounds, for instance a sound between a trumpet and a flute; or
smooth transitions, for instance a sound that starts as a trumpet and then
gradually changes to a flute.

SpectMorph ships with many ready-to-use instruments which can be combined using

SpectMorph is implemented in C++ and licensed under the GNU LGPL version 3

Integrating SpectMorph into your Work
In order to make music that contains SpectMorph, you currently need to use
Linux. There are four ways of integrating SpectMorph sounds into music you

- LV2 Plugin, for any sequencer that supports it.
- VST Plugin, especially for proprietary solutions that don't support LV2.
- JACK Client.
- BEAST Module, integrating into BEASTs modular environment.

Note that at this point, we may still change the way sound synthesis works, so
newer versions of SpectMorph may sound (slightly) different than the current

Website: http://www.spectmorph.org
Download: http://www.spectmorph.org/downloads/spectmorph-0.3.3.tar.bz2

There are many audio demos on the website, which demonstrate morphing between
Stefan Westerfeld, Hamburg/Germany, http://space.twc.de/~stefan

Nikita Zlobin

Jul 2, 2017, 1:40:16 PM7/2/17
to Stefan Westerfeld, linux-audi...@lists.linuxaudio.org, linux-au...@lists.linuxaudio.org, be...@gnome.org, linux-a...@lists.linuxaudio.org, spect...@googlegroups.com
In Tue, 20 Jun 2017 16:32:28 +0200
Stefan Westerfeld <ste...@space.twc.de> wrote:

Tried to build (using gentoo). No matter, in ebuild or doing manually
autoreconf, configure, make... it gives these errors:


before to build i checked history in gitweb, but found nothing related
since version bump

Stefan Westerfeld

Jul 4, 2017, 10:48:15 AM7/4/17
to Nikita Zlobin, linux-au...@lists.linuxaudio.org, linux-a...@lists.linuxaudio.org, spect...@googlegroups.com

Ok, it seems that on your g++, we need an additional #include <cmath> for a few
files. It should work if you apply the attached patch.

Basically, I haven't decided how I want it to work in the next release, so how
SpectMorph interacts with std::fabs, std::sin and so forth may still change,
but at least this should be enough to compile it.

Cu... Stefan
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Stefan Westerfeld, http://space.twc.de/~stefan
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