What's with the mail server??!?

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Karl Kingston

Dec 1, 2006, 4:57:33 PM12/1/06
I've noticed the last couple of times, the mail server on speakeasy has been
sluggish the last several days. Anybody notice this? Any ideas what's


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Dec 2, 2006, 12:05:25 PM12/2/06

One rogue server in the cluster, and the general impact of an onslaught
of spam are the reports I got back.


Jan 4, 2007, 9:12:25 AM1/4/07
Speakeasy blames it on Spam
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It's their announcement acknowledging the email issues and was on their
"System Status."
In recent weeks, Speakeasy has observed a large increase in the amount
of spam mail traversing our network. This increase in volume has put a
strain on our systems, resulting in the following issues:

-Sporadic delays in email delivery, affecting both @speakeasy.net
addresses and domain email addresses (@mybusiness.com) hosted by

-Problems with WebMail, including intermittent timeouts, login
difficulties, and inability to load large inboxes and folders

Our Engineering Team has been working hard to alleviate these issues.
Maintenance efforts will continue on a daily basis through the end of
this week and should result in improved email delivery times.

In the longer term, we are working to expand the capacity of our mail
system. We are also researching and testing new spam reduction
techniques with the goal of putting additional prevention measures in
place by end of year.

We appreciate your patience.

Thank you,

Speakeasy Support

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