8GB Unlocked iPhone. Brand New in box. Any GSM Carrier - $475

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Oct 30, 2007, 5:11:57 PM10/30/07
8GB Unlocked iPhone. Brand New in box. Any GSM Carrier (T-Mobile,etc)
+ Games

Want an iPhone but don't want AT&T?
Want an unlocked phone but don't want the risk of bricking it and
having an expensive paperweight?
Don't want to wait for someone to unlock it, potentially messing up
your phone?

Get a pre-configured, unlocked iPhone with no risk and all the
goodies :)

I have opened this phone only long enough to unlock it and load it up
with the best games, ringtones, wallpapers and apps.
I have resealed the phone and it is in prestine condition. Why risk
buying the phone and having someone possibly brick it. This is a no
risk purchase and you are all ready to go with everything you need.
Just pop in any GSM sim (T-mobile, etc)

What you get for $475 is this:

* 1 unlocked 8GB iPhone
* 1 gift reciept
* Box with All the cables, dock, manual etc in the box (never used--I
used my own cables to unlock the phones)
* All standard features of the iPhone (although if you don't have
AT&T, you won't get visual voicemail)
* Full instructions, demo and information on keeping your phone
unlocked and updated with the latest apps
* Collection of 91 ringtones
* Collection of 38 wallpapers
* NES emulator with 62 of the best games
* Sudoku
* More games
* Customization tools

I have tested this phone and it works with my T-Mobile sim card. Also,
if you are using T-Mobile, I will enable the phone to work with the
$20/month T-Mobile internet plan at no extra charge.

You can try the phone with your Sim card to make sure it works and I
will give you all the tools and instructions you need to get the most
of your new phone. I will also show you how to install, update and
uninstall new applications :)


Oct 30, 2007, 6:10:41 PM10/30/07

Sorry, I forgot to mention. I live in Seattle. This is Seattle only
and cash only. If you want it, you can pick it up downtown at my work
office or I can meet you somewhere :)

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