my own line utilization and stats?

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Jan 2, 2007, 10:18:40 AM1/2/07

What are most people doing to monitor their own line?

I'm starting to think I may need to upgrade my speeds -- but want to get a
historical view of my line utilization; obviously it's too late to go
back, but I can start now.

Upgrade my line? (I'm 384/1.5 right now) Cut down on internet radio? Live
with the fact that Flash videos are a visit to suckdom? Right now I'm
trying to stream DL.TV (extremetech) from an Akamai server (claiming to
be) on Speakeasy's network in NYC (where I cam) -- but I'm getting lots of
pauses ...

What are people doing to measure these things?

Jan 4, 2007, 9:08:35 AM1/4/07


Jan 5, 2007, 8:31:28 PM1/5/07
Tom <> posted, excerpted below, on Tue, 02
Jan 2007 10:18:40 -0500:

Your headers look like *ix. (Referencing pan and emacs.)

I just use KDE's ksysguard. For each element monitored, in addition to
the usual signal plotter (line graph), bar graph, and multimeter (digital
readout) display choices, it has a sensorlogger choice, which can be
configured to log to a file. It can also graph/log remote machines
(run a daemon on your *ix router) tho I've never used that functionality.

I'm on 7 meg down, half meg up, Cox cable modem service (Phoenix, I had SE
before their bundled news service deteriorated), altho I have an old
Netgear RT314 router, with its 10bT Ethernet WAN inline, and don't get
quite 7 meg, but over 6. I regularly get that downloading kernels or
Gentoo updates.

Streaming? I listen to a lot of "internet radio" ( for most
of my links). My big problem is that I seem to like foreign stations, many
of which are out of Europe. Sometimes they work, sometimes the
transatlantic lines seem too congested and they don't. I've had best luck
with 128kbps (my normal minimum standard), intermediate luck with 160 and
192kbps, and poor luck with 256 and 320 kbps. A lot of that is location,
however, as most US stations seem to standardize on 128kbps. Nearly all
the high quality ones seem to be in either Europe or Japan or S. Korea,
and they just don't work so well over the transoceanic links.

Sometimes I'll be listening fine overnight, but can tell when the US
Eastern seaboard wakes up and gets to work, as that's when the streams go
to crap.

BTW, seeing pan and if you didn't know... pan has a new C++
rewrite, starting from 0.90. Charles was doing ~weekly betas for awhile,
hoping for 1.0 in 2006, but he didn't quite make it. The 0.120 you can
see in my headers is getting pretty stable tho. 1.0 can't be too far off
now. The rewrite will take a bit of getting used to as it's now full
multi-server oriented and thus has a somewhat different UI. Instead of one
group list for each server, it has a single group list, all servers. That
can get pretty big so I use scripts to launch separate pan instances (here
three, binary, text, test), using the $PAN_HOME variable to configure
where they look for their config.

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