Help to Load/Stress test using spdy protocol.

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J Souza

Jul 22, 2015, 9:43:45 AM7/22/15
to spdy-dev

Considering I want to measure the SPDY benefits,

how do I load test a server emulating 2000 users?  It seems like Jmeter doesn't support SPDY natively. I have no interest in using firebug(only one user) or http without measure the benefits of SPDY, considering significant load. Is there any specific tool/plugin to measure response time using spdy?

Every input will be aprreciated, I'm in a hurry!

Thanks in advance.


Jul 22, 2015, 11:06:08 AM7/22/15


Did you look into using ab?

We did some tests in 2013 on the effect of network parameters on SPDY performance. See section 5 in our paper:



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Greg Wilkins

Jul 22, 2015, 9:36:25 PM7/22/15
ab is exactly not the kind of benchmark you need to test SPDY.

ab is great for taking a few connections and saturating them with load...
which is not really a normal style of benchmark nor what SPDY was intended
to optimize.

You need a tool that does simulate real users and how their requests may
come in bursts with pauses in between.

For our own benchmark testing, we find it best to just write dedicated
clients in code, as that allows the most realistic load to be generated.
The Jetty project has clients that are designed to be able to originate 10s
of thousands of outgoing connections (although for benchmarking purposes we
tend to limit it to 5K per client load generator).

The Jetty-9.2 branch has a SPDY client.  Note that we've dropped SPDY
support for HTTP/2 in Jetty-9.3 which is the current stable release.

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