Question on spdy data frames.

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Sudheer Vinukonda

Feb 7, 2015, 12:13:56 PM2/7/15
Our spdy server implementation sends DATA_FRAMES with size set to 4096 (whenever, the available data is at least 4k). This shows up correctly on the receiving side with FF and spdycat (spdylay) clients. However, on chrome (spdy messages from net-internals), I see that the 4k frame is always split into two smaller frames of varying sizes (totaling 4k). 

Is this an just a logging issue? It doesn't seem like that, since, I also see corresponding WINDOW_UPDATE frames for the two split frames as well.

Can someone confirm/correct the above observation? If chrome does split the incoming data frames, what is the reason behind that (I suspect, it could be due to buffering of the TLS records, but, not entirely sure)? Wouldn't that add overhead/latency in having to handle more frames than required? And finally, is there any way to turn this splitting off and receive the entire frame as sent by the server?


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