The common modification list recognized by SpectraST

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Mar 10, 2022, 4:41:20 PMMar 10
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Hi, I am trying to get a list of common modifications that are maintained in the SpectraST. Or on other words, which modification can be directly recognized by the software? Does anyone have any idea where to get the list?

The reason why I want to get the list is that I am trying to construct a library from peptide identification results in *.tsv format. Peptide identification results were from the pFind search engine, and the search engine doesn't support the pepXML format.

I want to get a list to check whether the modification in my results is supported to be recognized by the SpectraST, or if there is any formatting that I can do to make modifications in my results to be recognized.

Does anyone have any idea about the modification list recognized by SpectraST? Many thanks!

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