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Luis Mendoza

Jun 1, 2018, 3:57:33 PM6/1/18
Hello everyone,

Next week the SPC software tools team is hosting a booth (#203) at the ASMS Conference; we're listed as Institute for Systems Biology on the program.

Please feel free to drop by and say hello to me (Luis), Dave, David, Eric, and Michael, and bring your PeptideAtlas/TPP-related software and/or installation questions.  We also have information on the upcoming TPP 5.2 release, as well as on our next course in Orlando prior to the HUPO Congress.  Or just come hang out between sessions.

We will also be conducting an evening Workshop on Wednesday at 5:45pm in room 4.  We'll give a brief intro to the existing TPP tools and new capabilities (label-free quantitation, proteogenomics & PEFF, DIA data interrogation, etc), and then encourage discussion about them and about future directions for the TPP. So please come and learn about TPP and be part of the discussion about its future.

Lastly, we will be presenting several posters:
-- David Shteynberg: "DISCO: TPP Software Tool to Enable Exploration of Light and Dark Molecular Universes in DIA Experiments" (MP 138)
-- Dave Campbell: "Development of Ion Library assessment tools in SWATHAtlas" (MP 141)
-- Luis Mendoza:  "Fast and Efficient Mapping of Peptide Sequences and their Variants to Proteome Databases Using Full Inverted Indices" (ThP 379)
-- Michael Hoopmann:  "A distributed spectral index method for improved relative protein quantification from shotgun mass spectra" (ThP 437)

Other posters related to TPP:
-- Jimmy Eng: "Global amino acid variant and modification analysis using Comet and the HUPO PSI Enhanced Fasta Format (PEFF)" (TP 368)
-- Peter Baker: "Integrating Protein Prospector into the Trans-Proteomic Pipeline" (ThP 433)

Please let your coworkers or any other interested people know, too!

Also, please let us know if you have a poster or oral presentation of research that makes use of the TPP; we'll try to drop by and visit.

--Luis, Dave, David, Eric, and Michael
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