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Felipe Buccioni

Nov 12, 2014, 5:20:08 PM11/12/14
Hi I try to find a bug report or tracker system, but I only find this group.. so 

When I try to add a PostGIS layer, with a defined extent, the query uses the SQL Server format ("Geometry::STGeomFromText(" instead "ST_GeomFromText(")

2014-11-12 19:03:12 CLST ERROR:  column "geometry" does not exist at character 79
2014-11-12 19:03:12 CLST STATEMENT:  SELECT ST_AsEWKT("geom") , * FROM "postgis_test"."vialidad"  WHERE ("geom" && Geometry::STGeomFromText('Polygon((435598.561028736 5724469.7888759, 435598.561028736 6026832.97329104, 1011994.47816765 6026832.97329104, 1011994.47816765 5724469.7888759, 435598.561028736 5724469.7888759))', 32718))  LIMIT 100

After test the query I notice that uses , instead of . to separate decimal numbers, and is because I am from Chile and my locale decimal separator is "," instead "." this was a headache because before notice this I cannot do any operation with the database.

Hope this helps, any question you can email me. Have a nice day bye.
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