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Alessandro Furieri

Jan 26, 2021, 11:43:54 AMJan 26
to SpatiaLite Users
Hi list,

the development cycle of librasterlite2 is now almost complete; it just
remains to add few final touches and then we'll be finally able to ship
a solid, stable version supporting all the features intended by the 
initial design.
development took much longer than expected, but the important thing is 
that we have come to an end.

the development of librasterlite2 and the GUI tool are closely linked to 
each other, so the release of the new advanced GUI tool will happen only 
after the release of the first stable version of librsterlite2.
in the meanwhile the release of libspatialite 5.0.1 has been anticipated
so to place a first piece in the right place thus semplifying the scenario.


1. in the next 1-2 weeks a first librasterlite2 Release Candidate (intended
   to be the one immediately preceding the final stable release) will be made
   available for community testing, and it will be supported by a companion
   GUI tool RC
   pre-compiled binaries for Windows will be delivered at the same time so to
   allow for some testing also from ordinary users and not only from developers
   and packagers.
2. after any required assessment the final release of both librasterlite2
   and GUI tool will duly follow.
... and this will finally put a firm point in this long, very long, almost
endless adventure that has been the development of NEXTGEN
now the goal is at hand; we look forward to see the full SpatiaLite family 
soon as beautiful and powerful as it has never been before.

bye Sandro

Andrea Borruso

Jan 26, 2021, 12:17:17 PMJan 26
to SpatiaLite Users
Sandro thank you very much

Totò Fiandaca

Jan 26, 2021, 2:26:59 PMJan 26
to SpatiaLite Users
Grazie mille Alessandro
non vedo l'ora di provare la nuova GUI
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