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May 19, 2024, 9:52:10 PMMay 19
to SparkSDR

Is there a way of saving ALL sparksdr's current settings?

I currently have to reboot my system fairly frequently due to a persistent mouse problem, and I have to go through sparksdr and reset every setting to my preferred settings every time I fire sparksdr up again.

I have four virtual receivers on four different bands, and have each of them set to an audio passband of 1100 to 2400Hz, and each one set to a different virtual audio cable. It might not sound like much- but after the 7th time in as many hours,it starts to wear a bit thin.

It would be nice to have sparksdr save all it's various settings with a single "save settings" button- or even better, automatically as settings are changed- so if the system crashes at any time, sparksdr can come back up with all it's previous settings intact.

Cheers, Ken
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May 20, 2024, 2:38:40 AMMay 20
to SparkSDR
Hi Ken,
that is what profiles are for in spark. There is a default one called 'last session' on the start screen that puts everything back how you last had it.
You can create your own profiles by getting everything how you want it, then click the favourites star icon, type a name in the text box at the top and click the 'save profile' icon (overlapping squares). Your saved profiles will appear on the start screen or when you stop all radios. You can create as many as you like. 
73 Alan M0NNB

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