what is Gp7 output?

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Bertalan Eged

Mar 1, 2024, 3:41:03 PMMar 1
to SparkSDR
dear All, what is Gp7 output? which can be switched on virtual receiver panel? /B

Wojtek J. Sz.

Mar 14, 2024, 7:07:59 AMMar 14
to SparkSDR
GP7 controls (turns on and off) various devices, such as a relay that
switches to another antenna. For example, during reception, you can
compare which antenna provides better signal quality. Additionally, on
lower frequency bands where additional receiving antennas are often
used, you can switch between the transmitting antenna and an
additional receiving antenna.

This functionality can also be utilized, among other possibilities to
control other types of devices, such as turning external preamplifiers
on or off, changing the direction of a two-element antenna array, or
managing a bidirectional beverage antenna.

The primary purpose is to switch between the RX (receiving) and TX
(transmitting) antennas during listening. This feature is commonly
found in high-quality transceivers and can be adapted for various
creative purposes based on imagination and specific needs.

The documentation provides clear instructions on where to find the
control voltage point ( 3.3 V) on the printed circuit board. You can
solder a connection  pin (there is a hole in the printed circuit
board) or solder a wire to that point.
 It’s essential to adhere to the specified maximum current loads, as
outlined in the documentation.

73, Joe LB1HI
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