Re: how to merging multiple calendars iCal into 1 Google calendar

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Tore Gustafsson

Oct 3, 2012, 6:41:35 AM10/3/12
Any update on this?

On Sunday, March 16, 2008 2:48:33 PM UTC+1, saschavanriel wrote:
I would like to merge different 'projects'-calendars (which I use in
iCal), and which I have grouped as "WORK" in iCal, into one calendar
"WORK" in Google calendar. Which I share with others.
When I open the spanningsync pane, and tick the box of one project, it
is able to adjust to the WORK-calendar of Goolge calendar. But when I
want to tick the box of other projects to add to the WORK calendar of
Google, the pop-up menu turns into grey, and, although you would
therefor say nothing is to choose, it is able to choose the calendar
on top, which is in my case the calendar of my son...
So, my question is hereby, how would it be possible to add multiple
iCal calendars into one Google calendar?
Thanks in advance,

Sascha van Riel

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