Space is the Answer!

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The Leeward Space Foundation is a certified 501c3 not for profit entity. We are dedicated to supporting research that will provide low cost and safe access to space. The human race will never become a spacefaring species as long as we can only afford to send a handful of people into space at a time. We think The Space Elevators (there won't be just one for long) offer the best opportunity for allowing mankind to venture into space by the millions; to live, work, and play. 

Do you shop or book travel online? Help Support research to find an affordable, reliable and safe access to space by shopping all the major online stores, from Amazon to Wal-mart and by booking travel through any of the major online sites at at no extra cost to you. Each store or travel booking site will donate a percentage of what you spend to the Leeward Space Foundation and you pay no more than what you would have paid if you had gone to the store directly! 

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